Blob lamp is purely designed on the basis of on how the physical texture of the lamp defines the light play and how it adds character to the spaces around it. The lamp is extremely light yet very sturdy which also allows light permeability and disperses soft ambient light enriching the spaces around it.
The Blob lamp features a cylindrical body with droplet bumps on the body. The finish is a high quality , light weight and smooth to touch material. The Blob lamp will last for a lifetime unlike glass lamps. The material used to fabricate the product is PETG , which is maintenance free yet provides a luxurious feel and can be fabricated into very fluid forms as well.

The Blob is powered by Philips Hue Bulb featuring a color range of 16 million and is accompanied by the IOT technology( Voice controlled through Alexa, Google Assistance and Siri) that allows the users to change their mood lighting with just a single touch on their mobile phones.


About Lamp


  • Brand                       : Sri Design Lab
  • Lamp Colour         : White
  • Material                   : PETG
  • Item Dimensions : 23cm*23cm*59cm
  • Weight                    : 900grams
  • Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb B22 12-Watt WiZ Connected
  • Has millions of installed colours and preset themes which can be used to create the perfect mood in your room
  • It has on/ off, dimming features and warm to cool light options
  • You can also set timers and schedule the lighting according to your choice


300,00$ Regular Price
270,00$Sale Price